Maid in Cyberspace


Nino Rodriguez

"Face Value"



Nino Rodriguez is twenty-nine, and he's lived in Los Angeles forever. He never practiced piano enough, and always played the music no one likes to hear. Music theory still nags him even after earning an MFA in Film and Video at UCLA. Since 1988, his short videos, films, and digital media have shown at the Dallas Video Festival, the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Museum of Modern Art, and other places too. Nino's won prizes in seven countries, and people said intellectual things about his work at The Robert Flaherty Seminar. Nino is currently job hunting, sees his friends sporadically, and spends his nights wondering if he leads an artificial life.

In Canada... his work has been shown at the Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and Video, at the Canadian International Annual Film Festival in Ontario, at Video In, in Vancouver.

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