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Petra Mueller

"the Future"



I was born at the end of the cold war in West Berlin, raised in the small northern fishing town of Prince Rupert on the Canadian west coast, traveled through India, Bangladesh and Burma, moved to Australia, archived film at Australia's National Film and Sound Archive, travelled through China, moved to Montreal, Quebec, got a Masters degree in visual arts, went up north to Labrador City and was given a button.
Written large on the button "Labradorian and Proud".


What's foremost on my mind these days is the uneasy relationship between gambling,forecasting and the crazy haphazards of information flows. This site, the future, has it's origin in a set of large heavy wooden dice made in May as part of my artist's residency at Le Centre Sculpture Est-Nord-Est,Saint-Jean-Port-Joli. An enormous thanks to Est-Nord-Est for the liveliness of it's program and their technical help in making the dice.

A gambling fable:

Once there was a place filled for as far as the eye could see with cock fights, (cock as in rooster, like the old eudora mail rooster). These cock fights were outrageously popular. The appeal of the fights was that the roosters, each and every one of these fighting roosters, could not be seen. And it wasn't just the blind who couldn't see them. No one could. It was as if the roosters were not even there. Each time the invisible cocks clashed objects would tumble to ground. A physical fallout of super saturated and much too heavy radio, bug, cup, or drop (of water, of milk, of red, red, blood). But the masses of restless gamblers were not deceived and swept all those useless things away. For they were a nation of optimists.

That's the start of the future.


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