Maid in Cyberspace


Leah Lazariuk

"Virtual Squat"



I am an anarchistic, techno addicted, multi-faceted multi-media artist.

I am completing my BFA in photography and have diplomas in both social and pure and applied sciences, but most of my learning was accomplished through love and laughter.

I have traveled extensively and shown my work around the world, now my interests lie in overcoming borders and using the internet as a medium to encourage awareness.

Artist Statement:

We are living in this fast paced technological age where the internet points to alternative living solutions, without hierarchy and ownership.

Interested in the internet as a tool for learning and expanding horizons of the known and unknown I have built a thirty page 'Virtual Squat' that lets you explore squat life through photographs, video, sound and text.

Through this piece I would like people to achieve a sense of familiarity with squat life, as well as challenge notions of ownership and control, on and off line.


Studio XX