Maid in Cyberspace


Jeannette Lambert and Raquel Rivera

"Emerging from Erasure"

Canada and Malaysia


As a team, multimedia artists Raquel Rivera and Jeannette Lambert have been collaborating together for many years, exploring and creating works of art that combine photography, videography, music, poetry/text, drawing, painting and newer technologies.

JEANNETTE LAMBERT is the director of Jazz from Rant, a musicians' collective that has produced nearly 30 recordings of jazz and improvised music. She is a vocalist/poet/composer and performs her music worldwide. She studied film production at York University and has worked extensively in the fields of photography, film and video. She has become addicted to the Internet during extensive travels through Europe over the past two years. She created the Rant Web site, and can be contacted at:

For the past three years, RAQUEL RIVERA has been travelling through Southeast Asia, Canada and Europe, while working as copywriter, drawing teacher and illustrator. During this time she has self-published four artist's books and co-founded Site Dish, an Internet-based artists' collective. She is currently trying to stir up a local Webgrrls chapter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Raquel holds a BFA from York University. She can be contacted, and her recent interactive work can be seen at at:

Project description:

Emerging from Erasure is a web art experience designed entirely in net-space, between PC-based Jeannette Lambert in Montreal and Raquel Rivera on her Mac in Kuala Lumpur. Images, ideas and constructions were swapped back and forth via email and temporary uploads, while IRC chat channels were employed for bits that needed some real-time conversation.


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