Maid in Cyberspace


Antoni Abad      



Project Description:

Sisyphus is an open project.

The first antipodic sites were settled last July between Barcelona and its antipode in Wellington (New Zealand). Last February, another antipodic situation was established between New London (Connecticut) and Ille d'Amsterdam (French Antartica). Unfortunatelly, there are no human beings in this remote Island. We have decided to settle a French server (CICV.Montbeliard) given that this land is still under French authoritiy.

To view the project, open the first link in a Browser window sized to fill half of your screen, on the vertical. And then open the second link, in a second window, also sized to half the screen on the vertical.

Browser Fenetre #1, moitie de l'écran.

Browser Fenetre #2, l'autre moitie de l'écran.